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We’re looking for people who can coach, lead and motivate diverse teams to perform at their very best. You don’t need experience of logistics or working with a unionised workforce to be an operations manager at Royal Mail. The markets in which we do business in are changing fast, and we’re adapting to what the future will bring. If you have the energy and resilience to drive positive change, we want to hear from you.

We’re the sole provider of the UK’s universal service, delivering to twenty-nine million addresses around the country six days per week. Since our flotation in 2013, we have 700,000 shares in public ownership and over nine billion pounds of revenue. With the increasing popularity of online retailing driving huge growth in parcel delivery, our business is changing from the letter-centred ways of old.

To meet this challenge, we’re undergoing the biggest transformation in our history. Become a Royal Mail operations manager and you’ll be responsible for helping to drive this transformation across your team, business unit, and region. This is challenge on a scale unlike anything you’ve experienced before, and we’re expecting big things – and in return you’ll be defining the future of one of the country’s most important organisations.

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How we work together

There are three sides to operations at Royal Mail: Processing, Delivery and Collections. All three are equally important to getting the mail out, offering different working environments and challenges. Which one you’re best suited to will depend on your skills and experience, and you could move between the three during your career.

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Processing roles are based at our large mail centres, where we bring mail to be sorted mechanically and by hand. Up to 1,000 people can work at a single site, supported by forty to fifty line and shift managers. Although this kind of environment will be familiar to anyone who’s worked in manufacturing, we’re interested in hearing from people from other backgrounds like FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) and retail too.

Delivery managers work across our 1,400 delivery offices, where processed mail is taken for final sorting and distribution. Each office can change in scale with regards to employee numbers; they’re a bit like warehouses, and provide essential services to their local communities and usually offer collection counters.

Whichever side of the business you are wanting to work in, what’s most important is that you have the skills and resilience to deliver change in a challenging and fast-paced setting, alongside experience of managing a team in an operational environment.

Collections fleets are based at hubs across the UK. Building relationships with businesses all over the country, our collection drivers collect business mail from their premises and get it into our network quickly. From one-off to weekly collections, we provide excellent customer service that suits individual business needs.

Whichever side of the sector you may be looking to work in, the main traits we look for are a positive and proactive attitude and experience working to SLAs and business KPIs.

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Plant manager

Run one of our busy mail centres, providing leadership and guidance for the management team and working to transform your site into a world-class operation. Find out more and apply

Production control manager

Play a key role in the effective running of a bustling mail centre, forecasting demand, defining resource requirements, and driving the improvement of standards and performance. Find out more and apply

Shift manager

Lead a multi-disciplinary team of line managers and engineers, supporting them with coaching and mentoring and identifying opportunities for improvement. Find out more and apply

Work area manager

Take responsibility for a diverse, experienced team on a specific mechanical or manual work area, helping them reach their full potential and upholding the standards that our customers expect. Find out more and apply


Senior operations manager

Nurture an improvement culture by inspiring employees across up to 30 delivery offices to exceed vital scorecard indicators and encouraging collaborative working. Find out more and apply

Delivery office manager

Manage a team of anything from 30 to 300 people, at your own delivery office, making sure that it’s working as efficiently as possible. Find out more and apply

Delivery line manager

Lead a team of front-line staff, delivering a high standard of customer service and dealing with problems and unexpected events. Find out more and apply

Traffic office manager

Manage, lead and motivate one of our complex transport operations in order to achieve collective targets safely and efficiently. Find out more and apply


Collections sector manager

Maximise staff productivity and drive excellent customer service relationships within collections through exceptional resource planning. Find out more and apply

Hub collection manager

Coach team members through an extensive knowledge of operational standards and compliance implementation. Find out more and apply